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“Do you know what MUN is?”

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Our MUN board didn’t miss the chance to ask this question to the many new students as they streamed through the UniS last Friday. Once again at this year’s Fresher’s Day, our board members were prepared with the UN flag and Smarties to say hi and introduce the new students to Model United Nations. Looking back on the many conversations we had, we’re amazed at the variety of fields of study the new students proudly shared with us. Ranging from Law to Biology, from English to Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies we found good reasons why MUN would help them in their university life. We shared our own experiences with MUN, talked about the many workshops we’ve visited and where we traveled to for international conferences.

“We’ll see each other at the Kick off Event” Every conversation had to come to an end, but we made sure to set up the possibility to see all of you again. We are inviting you to our Kick off Event on the 26thof September at 18:15 in Room UniS A-122 and hope to see as many friendly faces as possible again. Of course, not only new students who visited us at our booth are welcomed, the invitation goes out to whoever is interested to get more information about MUN Bern and what we have planned for the upcoming semester. Additionally, we will present our Seminar. We also welcome you to an Apero afterwards, during which we are looking forward to meeting you and answering any questions that might come up. 

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