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In order to become a member of MUN Bern, you have to be a student (or exchange student) currently enrolled at the University of Bern. The field of study does not matter. We are looking for motivated students that are interested in global politics, international negotiations and the UN. A well rounded knowledge of the English language is highly beneficial.


Once you are a member, you have the possibility to visit all our workshops, events and guest lectures.

Active Membership

As an active member, you have the privilege to participate in MUN conferences and thus you will be part of a well prepared and motivated delegation of MUN Bern. This is an unforgettable experience and an excellent addition to your undergraduate and/or graduate studies.

Costs: CHF 50 / year

Passive Membership

AAs a passive member, you have the benefits mentioned above (but in case you want to participate at external MUN conferences, you will have to attend as an own delegation).

Costs: CHF 30 / year

In order to succeed in a conference, you can count on our preparations. 

For more information about what you are going to learn and be trained in, click the button below:

If you're interested to become a member of MUN Bern, contact us either with our contact form, on social media, or send us an e-mail, in order to receive our membership application.

We're happy to hear from you soon!

Get some


"MUN is a place, to get to know students from different fields of study, as well as international students "

"MUN means, to have lots of fun while experiencing the world of international relationships and structures of the UN"

"MUN is an association with many exciting events like visiting an embassy or the UN headquarter in Geneva "

"MUN means, to be open to discussions and compromises even though the topic is hard"

"MUN is an association that means a lot to me and gave me many wonderful friends"

"MUN is a place, to celebrate and live out my international background "

"MUN is an association that makes it possible, to get to know people all around the world and get to learn more about their culture "

"MUN means to me, to take on different roles and look at problems from different angles and through that, understand them in a broader context"

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