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About MUN 



MUN stands for Model United Nations. It is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants in the United Nations, international relations, and diplomacy.

Participants take on the role of diplomats and represent various countries or NGOs during simulated sessions and committees of the United Nations.

MUN Bern 

MUN Bern is a politically neutral student association at the University of Bern. Since its foundation in 2008, MUN Bern has taken the key role of preparing students for UN simulations through various workshops, guest speakers and lectures, enabling every delegate to succeed during UN simulations.


Furthermore, MUN Bern gives students of all backgrounds the opportunity to participate in different MUN conferences  around the world where you are able to network and meet students from all over the globe. We also serve as a platform for students who are interested in international relations, negotiations and world politics.


Through the collaboration with UNYA (United Nations Youth Association Switzerland), members have the opportunity to participate in UN related events organized by UNYA or other Swiss universities. 

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Go meet the Board members 

MUN Bern Board 

The members of the MUN Bern Board are responsible for organizing events, to hold the seminar and to represent MUN Bern on different platforms.

It is our goal to give you an insight into the structures of the UN, prepare you for national and international conferences, to offer you social events next to your everyday university life and show you what MUN is all about.

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