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MUN Bern Board Members

Meet the

Anita Tomanic

I'm a master's student in political science and I joined MUN in the first semester of my bachelor's degree in 2017. I wanted to become a member because I like to research and discuss global issues, learn how to negotiate effectively and get a glimpse into the world of diplomacy. Also, the aspect of traveling and meeting new people drew me to this society. In my free time I like to read, improve my language skills and spend time with my five (adopted) dogs.

Vakhtang Marjanidze

Growing up in a family of diplomats, I was always interested in international relations, which is why I really enjoyed doing the MUN seminar last year. Through active participation I was able to gain first experiences "behind the scenes" of the UN, improve my negotiation and my communication skills and make many new friends that I would never have met otherwise. I wholeheartedly recommend joining MUN to anyone interested.

Franca Huber

I’m in the final semester of my Bachelor’s degree in law. I joined MUN in 2020 by participating in the seminar and subsequently I took over as the seminar manager in the MUN Board. Besides that, I work in a law firm which focuses on immigration law and criminal defenses, and at the institute of civil procedural law at the university. MUN taught me the foundations of negotiating and international relations and I am excited to pass on my enthusiasm to other students this year.

Giulia Fankhauser

Since I have joined MUN Bern a year ago, I have learnt a lot about discussing and finding compromises within a debate. I study law and I work as a bank assistant. I am interested in global politics as well as in legal, social and economic topics.
I'm living in bern, do yoga, dance and lift.
Fun fact: I have two godchildren.

Chantal Sterchi

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to know how people in other places in the world live together, organize themselves and what kind of problems they have. MUN gave me the chance to learn how issues from international concern were treated in the UN and in the end how the international community is striving to make the world a better place. I’m studying law so that I can use the acquired knowledge to help making a difference. In my leisure time I love to travel and to be outside, to do sports such as biking, running and hiking.

Ruben Garbade

I joined MUN some time ago when i started studying in Bern. Debating and planning strategies in a global context were always things I enjoyed quite much - MUN exactly allows for that while learning more about the UN and its concepts as well as the art of negotiation. 
I joined the MUN board to pass on what I have learned at MUN over the last years.
I study economics and work in IT and am active in a youth political party. In my freetime i like to go on a walk or hike in the mountains and enjoy nature.

DSC_1027 (1).JPG
Lisha Kim

After my Bachelor of Arts in classical piano, I decided to change my path and so, I am now in the 7th semmester of my law studies in Bern and have joined MUN two years ago. Having a multi-cultural background and naturally being a courious person, I have always been interested in different cultures and international relations. So, what better place to bring fresh perspectives, diversity and creative ideas into discussions than in MUN Bern?!

Besides university, I love to spend time in nature doing sports such as (ski-) mountaineering, running, orienteering. Other than that, music and literature are also huge passions of mine. 

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