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MUN Bern Board Members

Meet the

Anita Tomanic

I'm a master's student in political science and I joined MUN in the first semester of my bachelor's degree in 2017. I wanted to become a member because I like to research and discuss global issues, learn how to negotiate effectively and get a glimpse into the world of diplomacy. Also, the aspect of traveling and meeting new people drew me to this society. In my free time I like to read, improve my language skills and spend time with my five (adopted) dogs.

Aram Hess

As an aspiring jurist and diplomat, the Model United Nations format has not only helped me deepen my understanding of global issues and negotiations but has also given me access to MUN confernces worldwide. By participating in those confernces I developed new negotiation skills and met many new students  from all around the world. If you want to expand your student network and learn more about the world, model UN is exactly what you need.

Tullia Molo

I am a law student and have a keen interest in international law and international relations, as I think they give us key tools to deal with problems on a global scale, which are becoming more and more present in our increasingly globalized world. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy the art of argumentation, debate, and the rewarding challenges they bring.

Last year I attended MUN as a seminar participant and the experience was so enriching that I decided to become a part of the Board. Engaging in MUN not only provides valuable insights into the workings of the UN and enhances skills crucial for a future legal or internationalist but also gives the opportunity to meet many new people, make connections, and travel! 

I therefore highly recommend participating in MUN! 

Cyrl Pfister

Coming soon.

Ruben Garbade

I joined MUN some time ago when i started studying in Bern. Debating and planning strategies in a global context were always things I enjoyed quite much - MUN exactly allows for that while learning more about the UN and its concepts as well as the art of negotiation. 
I joined the MUN board to pass on what I have learned at MUN over the last years.
I study economics and work in IT and am active in a youth political party. In my freetime i like to go on a walk or hike in the mountains and enjoy nature.

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