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Capital MUN 2019 is already part of history!

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Topic: The Humanitarian, Economic and Social Impacts of Commodity Sanctions

Last Saturday at 8.30 am, 17 nicely dressed and eager young people united in front of the World Trade Institute in Bern. Once inside, country placards were put up, name tags put on and some last walks to the bathroom were completed. By 9.00 am everybody was seated and the session was opened.  The initial nervousness quickly subsided after every delegation had held their opening speech and had gotten familiar with not only the formal surroundings but also their fellow delegations and the university professor’s eyes on them. While the topic at hand was not at all an easy one, the well-prepared students quickly engaged and dove into heated discussions and moderated caucuses.  If by any chance the chair of that day had doubts about whether they would have to urge people to be more active: these would have quickly disappeared. The general speaker’s list was more popular than the lineup in front of the Gelateria di Berna that day.  Delegation after delegation brought forward their points and arguments and once the first unmoderated caucus was accepted, everybody jumped out of their seats and not hesitating a single second walked towards allies. 

Looking at the numerous early morning discussions and all the fruitfulness of the mornings debate: some unfruitful pizza was desperately needed. Lunch time was more than in favor of all delegations present and voting. With surprisingly no obvious stains on ties and lots of cheesy faces we headed into the afternoon. While the AM was filled with plenum discussions, the afternoon stood completely in the name of writing. The two groups juggled around with Mac Books, stacks of paper, ideas and motions to prolong all unmoderated sessions at hand. Perambulatory clauses were formulated, compromises formed and slowly but truly working papers were introduced. Even though the two groups came up with different approaches and goals, the moderated discussions were used to try and combine efforts and to find a solution for all. 

But as much fun one may have: 9 hours is a long time. And with time also the energy of the delegations (or as one may called it: Somalia and friends…) slowly passed. With the help of coffee, chocolates and some serious looks of the delegation of the US all countries present stayed focused until the end and even after the passing of an amendment to strike clause 9a another party didn’t hesitate to still try and bring in their suggestion for 9a by reintroducing and at the same time changing the wording of such clause. And as if they timed their cooperation, it was at 5.45 that Draft Resolution one was accepted and all the discussions, the writing, the fighting and motioning found their glorious peak in a paper unanimously accepted.  We couldn’t be more proud of all the participants and would like to congratulate everyone on their commitment, preparation and eagerness but also on the fact that despite the pressure of the seminar you managed to have a fun day with friends!

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