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MUN Christmas Event 2020 - An evening to remember!

As you have probably guessed (or read in our previous post about our Socials), we had to hold this year’s Christmas Event on Zoom. Together with Nicole and Johanna, I had the chance to organize the event. We had to come up with a program that would not only work online but also get us into the Christmas spirit.

We quickly decided to host a game night. To make things more interesting, we split the attendees into two teams and made them compete against each other. After everyone had joined the Zoom meeting (greeted by the lovely presentation Nicole had created, Christmas music in the background, and Johanna and me dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Claus), we explained the rules. The first game was Trivia, where they had to answer several UN and Christmas related questions. Besides some technical difficulties like a poor internet connection or accidentally writing the answers in a private instead of the group chat, things went smoothly.

The second game was Pictionary. This was now the time to show off our artistic abilities! As it turned out, this was easier said than done. Since not everyone had a mouse, some of the drawings were a bit shaky. But in the end, we managed to guess most of them right (even Patz, whose first guess for some reason was always “dead body”). After counting all the points, we announced that the first team had won. While this team was celebrating their victory, the second team demanded (only half-jokingly) a recount. This request was denied and we moved on to the first non-competitive game of the night.

We played “Who am I?” next. To make it a bit easier for everyone, we decided to let everyone guess who I was (since I was the one in charge of organizing this game). Most of the people were involved in politics but I tried to throw them off by including celebrities like Kim Kardashian, the (imaginary) figure Santa Claus, and the most honorable position to hold in a MUN conference - the chair.

Since it was getting late, some of the attendees said their goodbyes. The rest of us stayed to play Black Stories and Cards Against Humanity. While most answers in Cards Against Humanity were absolutely hilarious, we can’t show you any of them. After all, this is a family-friendly blog!

We thank everyone for participating in this year’s Christmas Event and proving that you don’t have to be in the same room to have fun!

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