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Making it count! First One Day Simulation HS 2020

On the 24th of October was the first One Day Simulation of the fall semester. Members and seminar participants alike gathered to discuss the ethics and regulations of water privatisation in the ECOSOC committee. Since there are a lot of changes, we only hosted two ODS this semester, so it was important for everyone attending to make the most out of the opportunity to learn on a full conference day!

With meeting new people every year, it is always fun to discover the unique dynamics delegations have that come to light in the discussions. But this group conference the delegates were so surprisingly in sync that they brought the best out of everyone. Fast paced and well thought-through arguments advanced disagreements and the solution in an incredibly enriching way.

The students more versed around the rules supported where they could, ultimately lifting everybody up. And the newcomers: Quick to catch on, perfectly prepared, from speeches and vocabulary to innovative ideas. The resolution came together almost seamlessly, and people indulged in eager conversation long after the conference officially ended. Watching it was delightful, great job everyone!

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